James Christie

Mage Publishing is a small family run company that was launched in 1992 as an artist’s shop window for music and poetry and, in particular, to promote the work of James Christie..  However, with the advent of the company’s association with Stephen Holbrook (one of the UK’s most gifted clairvoyant mediums) back in 1999 Mage expanded its mandate to publish specialist books on the subjects of spiritualism and the paranormal.

At the time of writing five books have been produced in the genre of body mind and spirit, four of which have become national best sellers within their classification.  In recognition of the revolution that has taken place within the publishing industry, these publications are now available as eBooks through Amazon Kindle. Also available on Kindle are James’ first three novels.

We are now branching out into the realms of photography with a selection of limited edition fine art black and white prints and we are pleased to introduce our new astrology blog, which is a free service.