Not from the stars but from an alien dimension within the sphere of Planet Earth, Mankind’s oldest enemy is mobilising for war!

Moving from the mountains of Andalucia to the black ghettos of the Mississippi Delta, from the mysterious encampment in the Negev Desert to the Oaken Groves of Britain’s High Druids, Colin Mage, modern day magician, races against time to prevent The Opening…A magical ritual that opens the gates to Hell on Earth.

Even with the Help of people like Michael Fry, The Merlin of Britain, Helen Ross, the Wiccan Priestess from the Scottish glens, Herschall the Jewish shaman with powerful political allies, John Light, one time Satanist turned evangelical Christian and Leon Shapiro, the Mossad agent who has more faith in guns and computers than in mystical beliefs, the odds appear insurmountable.

It is Castillo, an isolated village in Southern Spain, that becomes the battleground for the final conflict between Man and his greatest adversary, and it is only in Castillo that Mage discovers who his true friends are and the appalling extent of his enemy’s capacity for pure evil. “A breathtaking novel of magick and magicians, of love and healing, and pure horror!”

© James Christie – Mage Publishing
(in association with Humdrumming)
ISBN: 9780952710974
RRP £14.99

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