James Christie
International Psychic, Palmist & Tarotmaster

14 Ainsty View, Whixley, York, YO26 8AJ
01423 339770


James Christie has earned his international reputation working in France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Russia and the USA.  He would be the first to admit that he is not a spiritualist medium and as such he does not have conversations with the spirits of those who have passed into the afterlife. However, using his extraordinary gift of psychic perception combined with his expert knowledge of palmistry and The Tarot he has, for the last thirty five years, helped people on two continents solve many of their problems and find  better, more fruitful pathways through life.

Whether dealing with complex emotional issues or fraught professional situations involving high finance, his direct and unambiguous psychic advice has often proved invaluable.  Although he always welcomes new people to his table, many of James’s clients had their first readings with him back in the 1970’s and 80’s and have now become his friends… Friends who return to him time and time again for guidance and advice whenever the need arises.

James is adamant that no ‘cold reading’ techniques are used in his sittings.  He says:-  “I will ask for someone’s first name and their date of birth, and after that they are not allowed to say anything or divulge any information until I have finished the reading.  For the better part, my eyes are going to be closed and I’m not going to be noting anyone’s body language.  At the end of the session, after I’ve shot my bolt, well, at that time they can ask any questions they want to ask and cross examine to their heart’s content. This way  objectivity and integrity are preserved!” 

As well as being a highly accurate psychic reader James also an accomplished author with four best selling books to his credit (and one total disaster)! He is an objective paranormal investigator and frequently takes master classes on various aspects of psychism and divination.  In the past he has had his own shows on Radio Gibraltar and San Francisco Bay Radio and has been a frequent broadcaster for the BBC. For the last three years he has written an amusing and authoritative astrology column for Vision Magazine. He speaks passably fluent Spanish and therefore, when necessary, his readings can be presented in that language.  All readings are recorded for clients on a top quality audio cassette. 

James offers a world-wide service either through the post or by email.  Please contact him at the above address for relevant details.